[HELP] I have many problems with my server!


Okay here are the problems, my server is esx server.

  1. On my esx server players can not shoot or punch or do any damage to other players.
  2. I am as a cop i try to see players id card and nothing happens.
  3. I dont know how to add cars to police officers into garage.
  4. I dont know how to do the id card thing like that when cop checks your id card he does not see your gamertag that he sees your rp charecter name.
  5. I cant get carshop working. When i open car buying menu its empty and i go invisible.
  6. I cant get boss menus working.
    Help is needed! Please help!


Enable PVP

Ask in the forum topic of the resource that does this. This question is too specific. If no such forum topic exists, ask in the ESX discord, their base forum topic or Github repository of the resource

Again, ask in the specific resources topic/discord/repository. This question is too specific

Ask it along with the questions above

For the menu being empty, ask in the topic of the resource. Invisibility is probably a wanted feature in that script so you don’t see your PED

No idea what a boss menu is. Just ask in the resource’s forum topic.

Along with that, when you do ask your questions in those topics, make it as detailed as possible! Tell them what you have tried, if you get any errors in your console (both server and client), what those errors are and what you think the intended behaviour should be.

Even if someone would want to answer these questions, the way you have asked them now is not enough info to go with.

Good luck.


Boss menu is in esx what gives like chief of police ability to hire people to police department in his office. I did this. I went to esx_policejob and there is config.lua there was enable player management, which means that boss of police department can hire new officers in his office. I finished editing and closed my filezilla, restarted server, joined, ran into office as chief of police, and it does not work, i close my game, shutdown my server, go into that same config and there it is same what it was before editing it, it was set to false again.


This sounds like you didn’t import the sql databases.


Do i need if i use zap hosting?


ESX = DataBase, so ofc yes. Zap is just your host.


Ooooof i have done horrible mistake when i didnt realize that i need to add those databases :neutral_face:


Thank you guys! Now i know what to do!