[Help] How to get my foot into the door of scripting


Hello FiveM users, I’ve been trying to learn C#, LUA, and the other basics of FiveM but there all word tutorials. I’m more of a visual learner and I really want to learn the stage after basics of LUA since I know most of them(if that made any sense idk?) I’ve tried looking up how to start coding in FiveM and watching Jeva’s Tutorials which helped a lot but its rare he uploads something semi-advanced to do, even though there’s people struggling with even learning the basics which I understand but if anyone can help me learn to code via videos, discord screenshare, pictures, anything. It’s rare to find someone that is willing to take time out of their day to help some uneducated person learn to code. but if someone can help me thank you just private message me on the forums and we can talk! thanks for taking time out of your day to read this post



I am more of a C# person now but I still help with Lua when I see someone that needs help. I have a personal discord link on my forum profile. That discord is for more of support on writing a resource not really a tutorial discord but I am on it every day. I stream every once in a while and allow people to watch me work on my own projects and I tend to answer peoples questions along the way but of course I have a personal life and sometimes I just cant stream.

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Yeah man I feel you, we all have personal lifes. Thank you though when I get home I will deffently check out your Discord. Thanks for taking your time replying

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