[Help] How to draw high res sprite?



Hi here.
Im trying to manage GTA:online RP bar. I draw sprite globe_bg and globe but they in low quality for some reason (i think).
I’ve seen natives with ..HighRes.. or ForceHd in name of native but there is no one for sprites

I think this sprites are lower then in gta online
Draws by DrawSprite
SpriteDict and spritenames:

        - globe
        - globe_bg
        - rankglobe_21x21_colour

When i scaling to bigger sizes it becoming lower and lower quality


If there are no higher resolution version are available, then yes it’s going to look blurry/LQ. If you want high res icon, you can stream your own.


How can i stream texture? I know only how to stream vehicle :thinking:


the actual rank bar is a scaleform movie with vector versions of the rank globe probably, you’ll have to invoke that scaleform probably