[HELP] How to do everything in one menu?



Hi guys. I’ve never work wtth fiveM server. But slowly moving forward.

Now all the menus are on different buttons: inventory f2 ; animation f3 ; etc
I have question as do so that inventory, emotions,interaction with players,administration, were on one button.

Which plugin should I install? I have nb_menuperso and wk_actionmenu and esx_aiomenu .
But I don’t know in what menu it is necessary to do all this in what cofig.

If there is someone please help. I’m just learning.


If you want to make one menu with all menus, you can use the WarMenu or the ActionMenu to do it! I prefer WarMenu design instead of ActionMenu, but the actionmenu for me is more fast and easy to use ingame!
You will need to configurate all menus with your other menus functions and events! This take a lot of work to do it…
You can also download an already made menu, just search in the forum, but i think the result is not the same!


THX YOU. I will try to do this