[HELP] how do I add blips to my fiveM Map/the gta v map


Hello everyone! I have been thinking of making my own server but I have one problem and that is how do I add like special blips like weed locations and Police stations and stuff like that.

Please help me!

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Google it, this has been asked and resolved several times.


Easier to just help than throw out google it, don’t you think? We’ve all been there before.

Create a folder in resources called blips and create the following file:

local blips = {
    -- Example {title="", colour=, id=, x=, y=, z=},

     {title="Example 1", colour=5, id=446, x = -347.291, y = -133.370, z = 38.009},
     {title="Example 2", colour=30, id=108, x = 260.130, y = 204.308, z = 109.287}

    for _, info in pairs(blips) do
      info.blip = AddBlipForCoord(info.x, info.y, info.z)
      SetBlipSprite(info.blip, info.id)
      SetBlipDisplay(info.blip, 4)
      SetBlipScale(info.blip, 1.0)
      SetBlipColour(info.blip, info.colour)
      SetBlipAsShortRange(info.blip, true)

Name it blips.lua or whatever you want, create a second file __resource.lua
Add this to it:

description 'GTA V Blips'

client_script 'blips.lua'

Then add it to your config: start blips


Thank you so much! dude


You’re welcome, you can find all the different blips here: GTA-V Blip ID’s


HELP. I’ve tried adding the blips 11,000 ways and havent had any success. I even tried this method before reading anything about it as a shot in the dark lol. My files look EXACTLY like this text with the exception of my blip names, ids, colors, etc, of course. Can anyone help? Im running vRP 6.6 and the lates FXserver (507, i think?) here is a link to what I have created… maybe someone can tell me what im doing wrong. and before anyone asks, yes i added it to my serverconfig haha




i added them in \resources[blips]\blips\blips.lua. this lets them show up on the map legend if you hover the cursor over them but otherwise, there is no actual icon. my blips.lua is below if anyone cares to see what im doing wrong. i have them commented out temporarily so that i could see which script was causing them to be in the legend but display no icon on the actual map. they were regular lines and this issue was still happening



i resolved the issue by changing the icons to different colors. and it only took me 5 hours to figure it out :joy:


Which colors. I cant get them to work either.


Im looking for a way to add permissions to blips, so you only see the blips that have something to do with your job, can anyone help me where to find this? I have tried looking in my blips folder and in the diffrent group folders in my cfg files


I might be wrong, and can’t show an example, but I think you might have to set it as;

if drugdealer = 1 (1 being true and 0 false or vice versa) then
show blip


Is there any way to stream addon blips, ones i create myself and duplicate as much as i need??


could someone help me? im having all of the blimps on my server over lay

HOW DO I FIX??? its legit driving me insane iv been searching for days


You have a menu like Lambda, that is causing it or ESX.


{title=“Police Station”, colour=38, id=60, x =-850.156677246094, y =-1283.92004394531, z =28.0047378540039}, – La Mesa
{title=“Police Station”, colour=38, id=60, x=457.956909179688, y=-992.72314453125, z=30.6895866394043}, – Mission Row
{title=“Police Station”, colour=38, id=60, x=1856.91320800781, y=3689.50073242188, z=34.2670783996582}, – Sandy Shore
{title=“Police Station”, colour=38, id=60, x=-450.063201904297, y=6016.5751953125, z=31.7163734436035} – Paleto Bay


Use my release, it comes with basic ones and it tells you how to add some.


I have been using my own version of the code provided for Map Blips, with and without my own touches, coords, and modifications.

I found an odd function (bug) that has been causing issues for me.

When you zoom in on the map, it zooms in to the nearest blip, rather than letting you zoom in and out where you were looking. It essentially moves your selection to the nearest blip. I am unsure what “SetBlipDisplay” does, but I have a feeling this might be what I need to change. :confused:

if anyone knows a solution to my problem, please let me know <3


Completely off-topic, but mind telling me how you got this map to work while zooming in? This is currently the default map for my server (came with CitizenFX or EssentialMode I guess?) but as soon as I zoom in it disappears.



I figured it out, that apparently, float valued that end in 0 can freak out the system. Also certain blips also are not liked, and cause the zoom in error. I hope this helps, as it still seems to be random when I restart the server with the resource edited, and all I changed is coord info for blips.