[HELP] how do I add blips to my fiveM Map/the gta v map



Hello everyone! I have been thinking of making my own server but I have one problem and that is how do I add like special blips like weed locations and Police stations and stuff like that.

Please help me!


Google it, this has been asked and resolved several times.


Easier to just help than throw out google it, don’t you think? We’ve all been there before.

Create a folder in resources called blips and create the following file:

local blips = {
    -- Example {title="", colour=, id=, x=, y=, z=},

     {title="Example 1", colour=5, id=446, x = -347.291, y = -133.370, z = 38.009},
     {title="Example 2", colour=30, id=108, x = 260.130, y = 204.308, z = 109.287}

    for _, info in pairs(blips) do
      info.blip = AddBlipForCoord(info.x, info.y, info.z)
      SetBlipSprite(info.blip, info.id)
      SetBlipDisplay(info.blip, 4)
      SetBlipScale(info.blip, 1.0)
      SetBlipColour(info.blip, info.colour)
      SetBlipAsShortRange(info.blip, true)

Name it blips.lua or whatever you want, create a second file __resource.lua
Add this to it:

description 'GTA V Blips'

client_script 'blips.lua'

Then add it to your config: start blips


Thank you so much! dude


You’re welcome, you can find all the different blips here: GTA-V Blip ID’s