[Help] FacePalm animation on Key Press

I want to make my players in the server to use this animation when they press "Z"
I had a folder called facepalm and inside resources.lua and client.lua

client.lua content:

local pid = PlayerPedId()
if IsControlJustReleased(1–[[input group]], 20–[[control index]]) then
do Citizen.Wait(0) end
TaskPlayAnim(pid,“anim@mp_player_intcelebrationmale”,“face_palm”,1.0,-1.0, 5000, 0, 1, true, true, true)

I can’t get it working, i press Z but no effect, ty.

Here ya go, i made it check if you are a male or a female :slight_smile:
just yeet it into a folder and add it to the __resource.lua :+1:
facepalm.lua (1.5 KB)

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I just tested it, thanks very helpful it works in local mode, but others players on my server can’t see it while i do the animation? any tip? thanks.

Any idea?

I did not know how to put it you could help me as I would in the resource file