[HELP] esx_weashop ammo


i’m using this script "https://github.com/ESX-Org/esx_weashops " and it works fine, but I noticed that I can’t buy ammo, I looked for some other script and found nothing, I do not know what else to do, It makes no sense to buy a gun without buying ammunition. Does anyone have a solution for this?


same, I can’t find out to add ammo to the shop :\


I am also having the same issue. Did anyone ever find a solution to this? ALSO BTW SYNN I WAS NOT DONE TALKING. WHAT @Lukepollie said did not resolve the issue. I AM GETTING SICK OF THE ABUSE ON HERE!!! LITERALLY EVERYTIME I ASK FOR HELP YOU GUYS SHUTDOWN THE POST BEFORE WE GET A RESPONSE!!! @Lukepollie when I tried that it did not work. It states you already have the gun and it does not give any bullets. THIS IS THE MOST UNPRODUCTIVE FORUMS I HAVE EVER BEEN ON. I AM SERIOUSLY ABOUT TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE FOR A MODIFICATION FRAMEWORK.


If you buy multiple times the gun. You pay for the gun once and then for the bullets


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