[HELP] esx_lscustom isMecanoJobOnly problem



Hello everyone,

So, im using esx_lscustom and if I set isMecanoJobOnly to true when the Mecano do any performance upgrades to a vehicle they don’t save to the other players.
Example: I’m a Mechanic, if I add Turbo to a car the other player can’t see the turbo, if I store the car in a garage (esx_eden_garage) when I remove it the car doesn’t have Turbo even for me anymore.


Ask in thier current topics or ESX help discord.


I tried on github and Discord, They never try to help…


You are making the upgrades in owned vehicles?


Yes, not my own vehicle, but everyone who comes to me (Mechanic) to upgrade their vehicle.


Srange it should save the modkit in the DataBase in the table owned_vehicles, you have esx_vehicleshop?


Yeah I am, It’s a requirement for esx_eden_garage


if you have the right resources, it should save in the database…


I have mecanojob, lscustom, society, vehicleshop, addonaccount, addoninventory, billing, datastore, eden_garage, identity
I think I have everything needed…


My bad, I«m not using esx_eden_garage, I’m using esx_hangard sorry, but I don’t think it matters


i am looking for a solution myself… to make only mecano job to use it… otherwise everyone can use it … did you find out how to set it up ?


same problem… but also if a mecano upgrade a car and try to modify another car and just enter the menu and hit backspace, the new car will get all the modification of the last car but for free


my problem is, it says: “You don’t have enough money”, can someone help me fix this?


[HELP] LScustom you cannot afford this mod

How do I get rid of this and I have mechanicsonly on True
and that I make Mechanic away all over the map