[HELP] Emotes in servername?


The title says most of it.

But how do i add emotes to the servername? I have seen lots of servers using emotes, and even country flag? I tried looking around the forum, but could only find a way to change text color.


No, thats the animation script. Im looking for emotes for the server name, like this https://i.gyazo.com/32c51ee488203c53bb68305371681169.png


yeah this is my serveur :smiley: Quebec Crew x)


Okay? :sweat_smile: But how did you add emotes to the servername? haha


I search the site for the emotes but I cross does not save it in my favorites x)


try this


That worked, thanks alot


ok im having an issue when i copy an emoji it comes up like this ??