[HELP] ELS Lights are slow on other vehicles


i have been doing research and cant seem to find any information about this problem i have been noticing.

On my server and my friends server i have noticed while using ELS my lights move as they should but eveyone elses on my end go slow and same goes for my friends client, his is has but slow on everyone elses.

Is there something new sense this update that i need to do to fix this problem?

thanks in advanced and sorry if this has been asked before but i could find nothing about this weird issue i have been having.


we have noticed this problem on our server to, but we have not found a fix for this problem yet.


ELS is not properly synced with FiveM and multiplayer just yet.


Yeah i realized this as well, i know some have managed to get it working correctly so was hoping someone would have some input as to how.

For now i simply removed all els vehicles and started using ELS styled vehicles which does the trick for the mean time.