[HELP] Developer needed to fix vehicles that randomly stop driving!



It is quite hard to explain what causes the issue but I will try my best. Basically our community has been having this issue where if we get out of any vehicles (police/civ/replace/addon) and we try to get back in we are unable to drive - it is hard to replicate as it doesn’t always occur but when more people are in the server it gets worse. I, myself and a few other members have been troubleshooting for around 2 weeks now. To be honest we are desperate and looking for any help me can get.

Feel free to pm me if you can help!


Having the same problem on my server have you found a solution for it?


Who’s ur hosting provider, if it’s GTX Gaming and your server is in Dallas, change the location. Hope that helps


Wut?! You understand that GTX Gaming is not authorized to host FiveM servers, right?!