[HELP] Dealership job


Hey everyone,
I’ve been looking around for a ESX “Dealership job” script but I can’t found one anywhere.
The job would allow the player to sell vehicles to other players, kind of like the “Real Estate” job but with vehicles.
I was wondering if I’m just really blind or it wasn’t developed yet.
Thank you for your time!


Maybe you can find it here. https://github.com/ESX-Org
I know the script, but I’ve never seen a version of it where you can actually sell cars as a dealership employee. I always thought it was more of RolePlay job.


Hey @Yadiiiig ,
Thanks for your time and help, although I didn’t find it there either, it looks like I need to find an alternative or find a developer that can code it ¯_(ツ)_/¯.
And yes, I do need it for roleplay job.


Lemme search it.
And by RP job I really mean: RPing selling cars. Instead of really like showing cars. It’s like more individual.



The idea is that the dealer would be able to sell a vehicle from a specified list to a player for a monetary amount, unlike esx_vehicleshop where it’s just a GUI where the player chooses which vehicle they want to buy.
At this point I really doubt it exists, I guess I’ll start looking for developers, thank you for the help though!


in the vehicleshop there is the cardinal trade who is the car salesman


Oh didn’t know about that, how does that work?


Config. EnablePlayerManagement = true


Thank you! I’ll test it out when I have the chance.