(help) Database is creating four entries

Hi! I have searched a lot on the forum but couldn’t find anything remotely close to this topic.
Suddendly people get registered four times in our database when creating a new character instead of one. We use ESX. We tried resetting the database, unloading scripts, double checking in which order resources were started in the server.cfg as well as updating all the resources to the latest version, with no luck. Here’s an example:

We can’t figure out which resource is causing the issue above, whether it’s esx_identity, MySQL or some other script. We don’t get any error from the console. Can you guys help us?

Are you using esx_kashacters?

Thank you for the reply! I was using it but it’s probably the first thing I removed from my server.cfg and even without it the issue persists.

I’d suggest you do use it, and make sure to set it up correctly.

ALSO please do not forget to follow all of esx_kashacters’s README instructions and remove all of the duplicate entries from your SQL.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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