[HELP] Customize player like in GTA Online


Like i said in the title i wanted to know how i could use the gta online costumisation on my RP server :confused: and not like :

I have the barely minimum skill to script, but i just dont know how to do it :disappointed_relieved:



If you want to keep it simple, just install Lambda Menu. It has character customization.

Some people also use Skin Control:


Yeah but thats not very RP (I forgot to say it oops). I’d like to costumise the player only on the shops and only the cloths, not all the skin.


Go create a shop :smiley: ahah


The problem is not the shop, we need help to make the mp_m_freemode skin default when a player spawn in essential for example :slight_smile:
ps: in essential the default player ped is player one, if someone know how replace this, it can be useful :wink: