[HELP] Connection vrp not found error


please help me after FiveM update today my server connection vrp not found error :frowning:

[vRP/C#] connection vRP not found

[vRP/C#] connection/command path vRP/get_srvdata not found


That means that your mysql/Apache software is not on or you have not set your base.lua file in your cfg file


It would be best to post this in the original thread where you got this resource…


2 days ago working when update fivem this is finish not work now bro how ı can fixing this ?


To the best of my knowledge you probably do not have your MYSQL software active. For example I use XAMPP. If I were you this is what I would do. First go into the software control panel and make sure that both MYSQL and Apache are active. If the server is still not working then I would check with my host. I use a VPS You may use home hosted or game server hosted, but with that said this is the best help I can offer you with the limited Information that I have been given.


thank you my friend ım fixing problem XAMMPP and with HeidiSQL :blush: