[HELP]Cars are not showing in the Shop



I have recently opened a FiveM server and i wanted to install a car pack. Done that, server started, saw the cars on the street. When i cheked in the shop (using VehShop by MythicalBro) I could see the models changed but not the name in the shop. How could solve this? Do i have to do it manually?
I am running vRP server.

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:


Please ask for help in the original resource topic. There is no need for a separate topic for issues and/or questions about a certain resource.

This will keep the forums less cluttered and make searching for others easier. Your issue and/or question may have been solved already in the original topic? If not feel free to ask there, and the original creators will get notified of your issue or question.



Thanks for the info. The problem is now solved. Should i delet the topic?