[Help] Can't spawn cars


So I’ve come across a wierd problem.
I was running my server on Essentialmode 4.6.X and I could spawn cars like nothing. But I came across some other problems like /revive didn’t work. It just game be error codes.
Sooo, I updated to essentialmode 5. And now´, here is my problem. All the other problems that I had is now gone. /revive is workling without any problems. But /car do NOT work.

I do NOT get any error codes. There is absolutly nothing that is happening when I type /car. Nothing in chat, nothing in console, NOTHING anywhere.

EDIT: Never mind. I cant revive myself. The sceen just goes black and nothing happens. I can’t spawn any items at all including cars!

Anyone have any fixes fot this?



Double check that you have installed the latest versions of the resources you are having trouble with.


Well. It’s basicly EVEY spawn command there is that isn’t working!


I would reccomend restarting your computer if you havent already, and if you have than re-installing FiveM.


you cant be serious.
What does FiveM have to do with it? It’s is the server I have problem with.
I was running on essentialmode 4 and then I could spawn cars
when I’m running on essentialmode 5 I cant spawn cars, I cant revive, I cant spawn ANY items without getting error!


i would ask the essential mode people. If they cant resolve then try something different.


Like the thinks above