[Help] CAD/MDT in game panel


Alright so im working on a panel that will allow users to open there web based cad/mdt. But i want to make it so that they cant open that Menu unless there in a emergency vehicle/vehicle that the person list. and im wondering how exactly i could do that.


Make it command based. Ex. “/cad” brings up cad. Then add a whitelist system so if your not in there it says in client chat “your not whitelisted for this command.”


Not exactly sure why you need an in-game browser when you have the Steam web browser readily available when pressing shift+tab?


That is true but to make stuff easier and more realistic im working on making a menu so people can just get in the car and push a button or type a command instead of having to open steam overlay or tabbing out.


Everyone uses the steam overlay. Its honestly time to see different methods other then bubble.


I don’t see why people use bubble and pay for something that’s free or can easily be made, anyways making a ingame panel will add more of a roleplay. plus the cad system im currently working on also will have a dmv part that will allow people to register there vehicles from sitting inside of it.


Dispatch System a huge update is coming soon here is a preview of the None web-based terminal


love it. keep up the great work


Haven’t heard of saucecad I’ve been using a modified open cad for everything with this gui I’m worked on though when I get around to releasing it will work with anything that has working links. But I’m sick so don’t thinking I’m gonna be working on it anytime in the next couple of days


Whats the status on this? Can we expect any updates or releases?


This was 6 months ago and was never a release. but was just at the time trying to figure out how to open a webpage in fivem


I gotcha and understand this wasnt a release. I guess what i meant to ask is will there be a release? If not a full release a partial release? Im trying to learn how to do this and honestly im lost. Also wondering if its possible to have an in-game mdt/cad that can pull data from a database. Sorry im new to all of this.