[help] black screen flash for 1 second


anyone know why this would be happening its getting pretty annoying




its a server based thing cause everyone that plays on it gets it


If it is a server based thing then you should consider the following;

– Delete your server’s cache folder.

– Examine your server’s resource folder for issues.

  • done that multiple times

  • and looked in all the folders i could think of could be the problem no luck that’s why i came here cause i couldn’t fix it on my own


Remove custom resources that you have added to the server and try again, it could be an issue with a script you don’t notice.


okay will get that a shot


So i found out that its es_roleplay anyone have any idea what would cause this?


Could be anything, happy it was fixed however.


thanks for the help:D


actually turns out it wasn’t role play it the additional server sync


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