[Help] Already editted the script and language


as the topic name… i already edit the script and change the language of it… first it was french but i change and translate it to eng already… but the old language and the script still runnnnn how can this happen i deleted them all and already made a changeee… is this about my cache server steam file??? and anywany how i can remove the cache thing and where’s it please help

very much ty please help me


the script which i said above is the normal resource script but i already edited it and made a changed already…


Check in your Server Folder the cache folder.

In it the resource cache is stored.

Delete the cache of the resource you edited.



ty sirrrr… save my life xD


And do i need to delete the cache folder which in Fivem application data also? there is 2 place of cache which in fivem client and fivem server do i need to delete both?


It should be enough if you just delete the server cache.

The Client Cache gets updated each time you join the server.


ty really much … yesterday i was very confuseee about this problemm becuz i already change and the old one and doesn’t exist anymore and it still apear lolll what a joke


Yeah, I know that struggle. Had that problem too :smile:


How do you edit a script? cuz there’s a script i have but it’s in french… and i want it to change to english