[HELP]Aggressive PED


Well as the title said i want to make the ped aggressive just like military when you join on the restricted area

I want to create a new ped and set the status in extremelly aggressive


i think what you need is around the relationship native function , you can define relationship between 2 group :

if you choose dislike they will try to mess with you if you stand to close or to long amound them (like gang doing) , if you want a mad guy who attack you on sight just set it on hate.

Relationship types:
0 = Companion
1 = Respect
2 = Like
3 = Neutral
4 = Dislike
5 = Hate
255 = Pedestrians

for setting relation :
SET_RELATIONSHIP_BETWEEN_GROUPS(int relationship, Hash group1, Hash group2)

and for remove it
CLEAR_RELATIONSHIP_BETWEEN_GROUPS(int relationship, Hash group1, Hash group2)


I already did this but still when there is so much zombies like half of them just look at me without attack and anything + sometimes when they are just near me they just stop and start looking and me


Arsilex did you ever figure it out?


No, wasn’t able to make them working propertly for some reason some of the peds just spawn with a wreid conductions so i was forced to detect players near ped get the closet one and make the ped to go to player when the ped is like 1.5 - 2.0 M from the player make the ped attack the player that was the only way i found… i should to say that what i need is to make them attack meele players and the players had weapons so sometimes the peds just get scared from the player and start running in the other way looks like its working good