[HELP] Add-On Boat


I tried adding boats the same way I add cars and I keep getting this error when I attempt spawning the vehicle.error If you know how to fix the error please tell me


Whatever boat model you tried using is not good… Try finding another one.


I had that with 3 models now.


Eat, Sleep, Try another boat, Repeat.


tried the same thing, sadly RSMods, one of the creators of the sea ray yachts doesnt have an idea about fivem so he cant help at the moment…
i tried every yacht that i could find (there arent alot of ships avaible as mod/addon, also some that arent from RsMods) but none of them are working… only some military and coastguard ships worked…

i think it has too much polygons or something?
Im pushing this thread while hoping that somebody has an idea how to fix this…



I had the same issue. I just converted this one but I’m not home and can’t test it.

Try it and let me know if this works.



Think many of the boat/yatch skins are to files that are to big for fivem to handle. But im not sure, i can only get smaller boats and jet-ski to work.
Those driveable yatch never seem to work for me at least.


I think texture files cap for boats is the same as any other vehicle (16mb), I tried once to convert a boat before this one and I got assets errors. So the problem is not the streaming, issue starts within the model file I guess.

Dunno if the one I just converted here works for you all, I’ll try it tonight when I’m home but I think it won’t.


Let us know, you be nice to have one that accually works.
But i will say try looking on the comments on the boats before downloading, i can see that “alot” is complaining. Saying that they are wrong to call them addon boats when they are accually replacements in some way.
Dident get 100% into it, but maybe worth looking at.

But i hope i work for you :slight_smile:


i tried your file, the yacht doesnt work sadly.
when i try to spawn it in fivem, the client is crashing with the following error:



When someone write [Add-On] I always expect the texture files have names of models that are not in the basic GTA V.

I read “yacht4” and honestly I never heard about that in the GTA V files. Maybe I’m wrong. If it’s the problem I would try to rename “yacht4” in like “newboat123” to be sure to not spawn any vehicle that already exists in GTA. But I find it very hard to think no one of the ppl who complain ever tried to do it.

Btw I give it a try tonight. Nothing guaranteed.

Sorry about that. As I said I already got that error so the problem is boat not properly streamed. I’ll try rename it tonight in every file to be 100% sure of what I’m saying.


This happens when a model is exported with a broken export tool, such as old versions of ZModeler and/or GIMS V.

Tell the author to re-export it with a newer version of the tool they used.


thank you for the hint!


Ok didn’t work at all.

I asked him to fix on the yacht page. Hope he will.


can we fix this on our own in some way? or are these files are not able to be changed/fixed from other then the autor?