[help][18+] Animations for emotes script


Hi been searching for days on a emote name for a



animations? I have tried various names and none seem to work?

cl.lua (4.3 KB)
that is my client.lua for the emotes script.



Hit Ctrl F then search “sex”


I did from mini@protst@… But I noticed non of the other animations had the @. They were all WORLD_…


There are various sex animations.
For Example:

Anal - Getter

	animDict = 'rcmpaparazzo_2'
	animName = 'shag_loop_poppy'

Anal - Giver

	animDict = 'rcmpaparazzo_2'
	animName = 'shag_loop_a'

Car - BJ - Getter

	animDict = 'mini@prostitutes@sexnorm_veh'
	animName = 'bj_loop_male'

Car- BJ - Giver

	animDict = 'mini@prostitutes@sexnorm_veh'
	animName = 'bj_loop_prostitute'

Car - Sex - Getter

	animDict = 'mini@prostitutes@sexnorm_veh'
	animName = 'sex_loop_male'

Car - Sex - Giver

	animDict = 'mini@prostitutes@sexnorm_veh'
	animName = 'sex_loop_prostitute'


Can you do something? Could share with the community!


I know this is an old topic, but I can’t seem to get this to work. I am using the same emotes script and have tried using the directory and the name but it doesn’t seem to work. How did you get it fixed?