Hello im having a problem on my server. People cant make a character


Hello. When people join my server someimes they can make caracter and sometimes they cant. I have a pastebin of the error we get in console. Please help


Remove esx_aio menu it has errors for you for some reason.

you have 3 mysql errors.


The mysql errors came at the same point as esx-aio error


Ask on the original topic.


The MySQL error is relatively straight forward.

Duplicate entry '0' for key 'PRIMARY'

That means whatever field you set as a primary key (if I remember, esx doesn’t have a primary field by default) is trying to be assigned a duplicate value. You cannot have duplicate values in a primary key. Based on the query:


Your primary key appears to either be bank, permission level, or money.

Remove your primary key, or assign it to a unique value like the license or identifier.

Finally, this is not a FiveM issue. You should ask for support on the thread of the resource giving you problems, or the ESX discord since this is most definitely related to ESX.


Hello. Thanks for reply i just didnt know where to ask. And for anyone coming in later watching this i could not get it working.