Hello Got a question or 2


Hello there FiveM guys. So couple months back I was perm banned from GTA 5 Online but I was still able to play the game in single player, so I been looking at couple of dedicated server to play on and didn’t know if I could play on FiveM server while still banned from rockstar server. If so please let me know thanks also with FiveM dedicated server would I be able to use mods?


Yes to both of your questions.

FiveM does not interact with the Rockstar Online Services other than to validate your game copy the first time you launch it.

Though on FiveM it’s resources not mods, and not any mod can be used with FiveM.


Does that mean I can still play on FiveM servers while being banned and if so i’ll download gta 5 again tonight


You should be able to, yes.


Alright thanks for the help is there any how to install guides out there on how to install the launcher?


Go to http://fivem.net/, download the client, install.


Thanks for the help dude I know what i’m doing this week :smiley:


No problem, enjoy!


Put the .exe (that you download) in its own folder somewhere you want it installed, then just run it. It will install it all for you.


sounds easy enough, i’ll download the game tonight :smiley: thanks again


is there away I can use the FiveM Mod menu?


Which “mod menu”? There’s tons of menus available… lol


For Real what are the main one you use?


I should have discover this along time ago lol. I been getting bored of gaming but now since I found this Christmas has come early for me :smiley:


I personally use this:


I’ll Try it i’m in the FiveM discord server btw feel free to message me Same name as seen on here


this really wierd sometimes my fiveM dosent closed my mouse dosnt move but 90% of the time my mouse moves and most off the time my FiveM dosent close Well all the time


Revivng a 4 month old topic that isn’t even related to what you are saying. What are you doing?