Helium-Cat-Mexico (gta-streaming-five.dll) Crash error AFTER the update to fix the error


Prior to this mornings update I had not received this crash. I have cleared out my cache, restarted my computer. Not matter what server I try to join I get this error. Time is: 16:18 EST 2/24/18 Happens every time I join any server. (Multiple attempts and they all end the same.) Not sure if this is a bug or if it should be in the other forum. Sorry if I post it in the wrong spot. I was thinking its a bug since its the error that was claimed to be fixed. Again I never had this till after the update fixing this error. Thank you.

If you want to report a bug, please use the following format.
Describe a detailed explanation of the bug you were experiencing
Add screenshots if possible
Add a date and time to when it happend (only neccesary when it’s not happening constantly).


Is this on canary? If so, did the latest changeset fix that?


No its on the normal channel. As mentioned I didn’t get this error till the update.


this has to be on canary.


Again. Not on the Canary channel. Still having the crashes when I try to join any server. Just triple checked.


If you were on canary and switched channels when getting this error, do note that you won’t be automatically downgraded, nor will you get the update fixing this issue, as that update isn’t pushed to production.

Either delete caches.xml or get back on canary.


I was not on the Canary. I just know where you put it. I have cleared out the cache already. Please see above. I have never been on the Canary channel. When that was mentioned to me it was an understanding of mine thst I would have to have permission from the you guys. So I never had canary.


You may wanna try going on canary anyway, maybe an element will give u permission… :man_shrugging: