HeidiSQL Can't connect to MySQL server on "mylinuxvpsIP" (10061) need help



I am trying to setup a server on a Ubuntu 16.04 VPS server runs and i can connect so great

but i am trying to install a mysql database for ESX plugins i can connect external trough http://myexternalip/phpmyadmin and i can log in succesfully but when i try to connect via HeidiSQL it gives me the error

Can’t connect to MySQL server on “mylinuxvpsIP” (10061)

i have no idea what to do since the http://myexternalip/phpmyadmin does work


Most likely because the user you are using to login to mysql is only allowed to login via localhost. This is the default and most secure behavior.

If you’d like to allow your own home IP to connect as well, add it to that user. How to do that? Google is your best friend.


As i already said i can externally connect through the http://myVPSip/phpmyadmin i already allowed all external connections


Logging in via PHPMyAdmin is seen as localhost by the MySQL server.

Again, have a look at the user you use to login and allow your external IP as a host. Also open your MySQL port


Where should i be able to see this


I am using Xampp BTW


google how to do this… it is also dependent on each router.


i said it is an VPS which has all ports open


I have already changed required local to required all granted


if its a linux vps you still need to add it to the iptables or whatever firewall it has.


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