Heartland Justice System Roleplay (Serious RP) | Looking For Members | 50+ Members Now! | Whitelisted Police Only | Custom Cars + XBR410 Vehicles



Are you looking for a RP Server that Fits your Needs?

Then Heartland Justice System is For you! At HJSRP We are a serious community with custom vehicles, custom coded admin script, and a Custom Coded CAD, Coded from scratch, coming soon. We have a Whitelist Only Police System, and a proper SOP So no one is confused about what they are doing!

Active Discord Community and Support

Our Discord Community has two bots so you can always stay informed by using the !cop or !fire commands to guide you through what you need to do to become a cop on our server. We have active Support and Development Team Staff to help you with FiveM Issues, in-game issues, or technical issues with our Development team!

Server Information

We are a Menu based server, you can use any menu such as Lambda and Simple trainer. Any other menus that will affect players in a non-rp way such as Mod Menu will not be allowed. only trainers are allowed.

We have multiple Departments in our server as well such as:
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
San Andreas State Police
Communications Department
San Andreas Fire Department
San Andreas Medical Department
Civilian Department - Civ Ranks
Blaine County Volunteer Fire Rescue

Office Who Achieve the Rank of Sheriff Deputy III You Can Apply For These Sub-Divisions:

ASU - Air Support Unit
K-9 - Cainine Unit
SE - Speed Enforcement
DTE- Drugs Traffic Enforcement

If you have any other questions please join our discord!
Discord: https://discord.gg/ueTBW8N
Forums: heartlandjusticesystemrp.mistforums.com

Thank you On Behalf of all the Staff Team, and Community, We Welcome You.

Posted By AD-34 Andre Aloian
Senior Administrator, Development Support/Developer
Head Of Communications
Senior Trooper


If your looking for a server that has good staff members and their members are active then i would highly suggest checking out this server. They just created a business section where you can create and own your business such towing company ect. They already have a towing company and gruppe6 has been started, so if your interested in either or check them out.


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I was a member of Heartland Justice System Roleplay. Clay is a good guy and runs the community as efficiently as possible. If you’re looking for a place to play FiveM and have some fun I suggest Heartland Justice System Roleplay.