Headgear over id 110 not available for multiplayer characters



I have noticed that trainers that I use in FiveM do not let me switch up from hats/props higher than 110, ID-s like 117 and such won’t appear when loaded even through a skin loadout made in singleplayer.

Does FiveM not contain the headgear or is it the trainer’s fault?

Also I have to say it’s quite sad scripthook disabled server’s exist in a way you can’t even use a menu to customize your character, I don’t want godmode just a way to customize my character in servers that don’t implement customization.


That is up to the server, and if they have it disabled they probably have a clothing shop.


The problem is some servers don’t even have that, only servers I’ve seen it being implemented is roleplay servers and I find these servers boring when digsuised admins run around and jail you for a red light. And if they do have it will be quite a limited selection + you will have to grind for it in roleplay servers.


That’s up to the server though…


This is not even the main issue it was just a side-note I did not ask for the feature to be implemented back in, it was just an opinion. The main problem is not being able to use Gunrunners DLC helmets in FiveM for example.