Having something weird happening,and would love some help!



Ok now before i explain the weird thing,i should layout my server setup, I have my main desktop that i do my gaming and skin work on,and beside me and a Spare PC that i run a fivem server on,it runs fine on it’s own,i also have teamviewer on the server for my head dev to remote into.

Both are wired to a switch,which has a single wire going back the the ISP router,and i pay for 100 down 25up ,both PC’s get about 80 down 20 up.

Now when i have my server up on my server pc,i can run a test server on my main pc to test skins and everything is fine,but when we were trying to look into running a second server on it,with the second server running on the same server tower,my internet on my main pc slows to a crawl…

I am wondering how come it happens that way? Is there a way to fix it?


Sounds like your switch is insufficient to handle the amount of traffic being generated. Is it a 10/100/1000 switch or only a 10/100?


it is a gigabit switch, the exact model is :Tl-SG1008D


Are you having high latency or a slow down in download speed? High latency will cause your internet to appear slow.

Open cmd.exe on your desktop that is experiencing the slowness. Do ping -t (which pings Google DNS indefinitely). Start pinging when the second server is NOT running, and while pinging go ahead and start the server. When the slowness occurs, does the time increase significantly?

If your latency goes through the roof, it’s likely that your switch’s queue isn’t dequeuing fast enough and is causing performance issues. Your router may also be the bottleneck here (for the same reasons), do you have a gigabit router to meet the speed of your gigabit switch? ISP routers are notoriously bad.

If your latency is not being impacted, and it is solely download speed, it is possible that your modem is the bottleneck.


The isp modem Does not support the amount of upload speed you would need to run two servers off of one network. Comcast now supports the option of buying a second IP for $6.95 and will act as if your paying for two networks. This seems to be the best and fastest way to run a second server. Contact me if you need help or have any questions?