Having An Issue Port Forwarding My Server



I am trying to port forward my server, I used my IPv4 address and the 30120 port, it isn’t working. I can join just fine but my friend can’t join or find it on the server list. Anyway to help me out? I can also use TeamViewer for help.


I’m also with the same problem with this door in my server I enter more
after O My server Fall alone


also open port 30110 so it will appear on the list.


So 30120 and 30110 for it to fully work? Or do I just put 30110?


both of them. (20 chars)


Okay, so now I have an error when i try to connect, it says: Failed handshake to server - Failed to connect to port 30120: Connection refused - CURL error code 7 (Couldn’t connect to server).


Make firewall exlusuions for UDP and TCp, also, some routers do not support Port Forwarding, like mine ):


How do I do that? I checked Windows Firewall and I didn’t find that anywhere.


I am connecting to my server fine now. Just have to see if my friend can find it.


I just paid for hosting if any of you guys want to join here is the ip and the discord: & https://discord.gg/jUK39ZT


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