Handcuffs with searching etc. Help please



Hi guys can you made for me Handcuff item script just like in esx_policejob pleaseeeee
What i want:
Put in vehicle
Drag from vehicle
Please, guys i can’t find on forum.
thanks in advance



You will require these links, go at it:


can you give me example of this script?
Maybe one function like cuffing



how to add inventory searching to this?


obv ur incompetent - either give it a try or give up

have a nice day :wink:


Im going to be honest with you despite some of the rude comments people leave I’ll give you some advice,
What you are going to want to do is use the handcuff esx script that comes with the items that you put in your database you are going to want to change the item name and the function to do something the hand cuff drag system I have already released you can find it here and use this as a base for your script.

This has the handcuffs and the drag feature as items.


Okey, but how can i add search option?
esx_policejob:search doesn’t esxist’s


Yea its actually its own thing inside the esx_police and thats for opening the menu its self to search them you’d be better off using esx_policejob:strip to take their items


won’t work ;( :cry:
could you please give me a little bit code of this script?


the code I could provide is all there man seriously if I gave you anymore it would just be doing it for you which would not teach you anything bro, Seriously man its all right there look for where its looking for the item name change that to whatever you want the item name to be then change the function to the correct function


if you give me code i will teach from him…