GXT2 to names.lua



Hey everyone,

This is just a small tool I made today to make it a bit easier to take those damn gxt2 files and make them into a names.lua file ready for use on your servers.

How to use it:
Place the EXE in a folder along with your gxt2.txt file (should be a direct copy of your global.gxt2 file from your addon’s RPF) MAKE SURE you name the txt file as gxt2.txt!

once done start the program, check it looks right in the console, then close or press enter when it says so.


Download: https://github.com/Starystars67/FiveM-names.lua-Maker/releases


Version 1.2 Released. Has some minor performance improvements not that they would be noticeable really. iMoD1998 if your out there thanks for the regex, completely forgot about that one :stuck_out_tongue: