GXT2 to names.lua



Hey everyone,

This is just a small tool I made today to make it a bit easier to take those damn gxt2 files and make them into a names.lua file ready for use on your servers.

How to use it:
Place the EXE in a folder along with your gxt2.txt file (should be a direct copy of your global.gxt2 file from your addon’s RPF) MAKE SURE you name the txt file as gxt2.txt!

once done start the program, check it looks right in the console, then close or press enter when it says so.


Download: https://github.com/Starystars67/FiveM-names.lua-Maker/releases


Version 1.2 Released. Has some minor performance improvements not that they would be noticeable really. iMoD1998 if your out there thanks for the regex, completely forgot about that one :stuck_out_tongue:


i tried your app, followed your instructions in the readme but the console window shows and closes itself. i’m unable to use this to convert my gxt2.txt


I tried V1.0 and that seemed to work but it didnt convert everything correctly, so maybe there is something wrong with v1.2? im unsure

if you’re curious to know what global.gxt2 im trying to convert, its actually the one from the lastest update mpbattle or aka After hours


Hello @M49NUM,
Thanks for your reply. From what I see in your image your issue seems to be with the reading of your gxt2.txt are you sure you opened your GXT2 in OpenIV and copied its contents to the txt file i specified in the read me?


Oh lol i see now, I misunderstood the instructions thinking you just rename the gxt2 file with .txt extension. Thanks for helping me out, appreciated.

“take a gxt2 file saved as a txt” i took this the wrong way sorry.


awesome work! this just streamlined add ons cars for me!


No worries @M49NUM and thank you for the feed back / like @Xnubil. I’m looking to find how to ready the gxt2 file directly so it makes things easier for everyone.


this just doesnt seem to work for me. its in its own folder, dropping the file into the program to try and open it, running the program normally, renaming the gxt2 extensions to gxt2, txt and gxt2.txt to try and get it to convert, saved the text document as UTF-8, unicode etc, still no avail. tried pulling the gxt2 file straight from the mod and renaming it to aforementioned file extensions and copy+pasting it into an existing file, window just opens and almost immediately closes again.

I did follow initial instructions of copy and pasting the contents of the global.gxt2 to a new text document, saving it as .gxt2.txt, yet it doesnt seem to want to work.

wat do


Hmm this is strange. Can you send me your gxt2 file and i will take a look into it?

Also noticed you said

I did follow initial instructions of copy and pasting the contents of the global.gxt2 to a new text document, saving it as .gxt2.txt, yet it doesnt seem to want to work.

Did you save it as literally “.gxt2.txt” or “gxt2.txt”?


You forgot to include in your instructions, that you need to export from OpenIV as a .otx file then rename that otx file to gtx2.txt.


The export isnt needed you can just copy the contents to a text file from OpenIV, I figured this would be a bit easier for some.


thats the thing, that didnt work that way until i did what aussie did.


Hmm odd it did work on my end. i will take a look and upload a video perhaps to help.


where do I put names.lua? I’ve searched and can’t get it going :frowning:


Put this where you would normally place your __resource.lua and other lua files then reference it as a client_script.


doesn’t work
It doesn’t convert to names.lua


The program will create a names.lua file you need to provide the gxt2.txt.