[Guide] Where Should I Post?

I got bored so I wrote this up as I tend to write random stuff when bored, so may as well post it instead of it sitting in the super secret lounge :wink:

Where Should I Post?

New to the forums? Don’t know where to post? This might just help you. There are categories designated for certain topics and issues, posting in the incorrect area can leave you with “angry” moderators. So keep it simple and post in the correct category. Below are all the categories and definitions for those categories.

Quick Category Summary

  • Announcements - Contains all FiveM server and client updates, posting by elements only, commenting by all.

  • FiveM Discussion - General area to discuss the FiveM project, with feature requests, bug reports and praising. This is a “NO HELP” section.

  • Technical Support - Issues with FiveM launching? Random crashes? Ask in this section, make sure to fill out the entire support template.

  • Documentation - Perfect spot to find small or large formal documentation for various things. No help in this section.

  • Resource Development and modding - Place to find all the resources made by the community and help threads for those resources. It has a discussion section for development and modding.

  • Server Development - Best place to post an ad for your server, discuss on making and configuring your server

Explanation of Categories
This is an area that has in-depth information on categories, Highly recommend reading!

  • Announcements
    FiveM updates are posted here by the CitizenFX Collective members. These update posts will provide you with change logs and information regarding the updates. This category also has any announcements for FiveM about anything new or changing.

  • FiveM Discussion
    This is the heart and soul of FiveM praising. This category has four sub-categories. Remember this is a no help section, so don’t post for help, except bug reports in the sub-category.


  • OneSync reports - Any bugs for servers running OneSync, report them in this category. Not a category to report something like “𝑥 doesn’t work”. Reports here should be well-written, otherwise, suspensions may be handed out.

  • Feature Requests - Post any features you would like to see in default FiveM (Eg: This). This section is not a place to request for resources or scripts.

  • Bug reports - Did you find a bug that is apart of default FiveM and not from a certain resource? This is where to post it. These are expected to be well-written reports, please follow the bug report format. No support questions are allowed in this category.

  • Praise - Simple. Love FiveM or something they did? want to post a snail? Heres the place to do just that.

  • Technical Support
    Ask support questions here regarding; crashes, start issues, errors etc. Here is the perfect place to ask for these questions. To prevent angry people, fill the whole support template to the absolute best you can, and remove that top text. Remember the more information you give the better support you will get.

  • Documentation This category being the newest on the FiveM forums, it gives you a place to post the long and formal documentation for FiveM. Note this area is for documents and not tutorials.

  • Resource Development & Modding
    This is the place to put any scripts or content you have made for FiveM. This category has 3 sub-categories which are listed below. A couple of tips for this category is to use logical titles and not be stupid, All developers get annoyed when you forget to read the Wiki (Watch your steps :stuck_out_tongue:)


  • Discussion - Need some scripting help or finding a native? Here is where to ask, be sure to search the forums first instead of off-the-bat making a category. Put resource help in that resource’s original thread (or ask the author if it doesn’t exist). This keeps the forums less cluttered and helps you get the support for your resource. Also, you may post script requests here.

  • Releases - Place to post strictly releases only. Of course, you can comment on a release but, don’t make a topic if it’s not a release. You also need to be a member 2 level to post in this section.

  • Modding Tutorials - Post any tutorials for mods, tutorials and how-tos are allowed here.

  • Server Development
    The server development category is for you to post questions on server related things like; setting up a server, configuration and expanding of your server. The Server Development category has three total sub-categories.


  • Server Discussion - Here is where you ask your questions and for support on setting up your server.

  • Server Tutorials - Guides and tutorials for setting up your server can be found here. Only post server tutorials here.

  • Server Bazaar - Post server advertisements here and find new players, servers etc. You can also look and find developers here.

Whenever making a post be sure to follow the FiveM ToS.

Whenever making a post for support ask yourself. Did I search the forums for this, as it might be solved already in a topic somewhere?

For user reports, don’t make a big deal over it on the forums. Simply flag the post and a moderator will deal with it. For FiveM ToS violations send an email to support@fivem.net with proof.

Thanks for reading and be sure to drop a like if it helped. If you have any questions hit that reply button below! :slight_smile:

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