GTA5RP | MET Police | anyone can be cop!



GTA5ROLEPLAY - Anyone can be a cop | Looking For Admins & Police!

Server IP:
Teamspeak IP:

Why should you choose GTA5RP?

  • We have custom cars!
  • We have custom scripts!
  • Our roleplay is based in London.
  • Anybody can be police!

What does anyone can be a cop mean?

With GTA5RP you can be a unregistered cop also known as a delta unit, to get this rank join our teamspeak and join the law enforcement channel, then change your name to [PC-] with a number from 1-100, then say PC then your number, 10 8


hey dude looking for the staff option


We need more police / players! join today!


Join our teamspeak and the first 5 to poke the owner saying FiveM Forum bought me here & you’ll get the first rank in the ranked police. (Corporal)


Just tried to connect to server says its down. Plus went on TS and MSG Joe a police role. TY


all issues should be fixed.