Gta v dot rp application


If anyone is interested I have a rp server going right now.

Server name is: GTA V Department Of Transportation

Gta v Fivem servers PC
Serious RP are you will be kicked
We are a United States based server.

In our server you will find the following roles which are open to any player
Mechanics:PayRate-$100 an Hour starting with earned cash bonus per towed car. you will work with the LSPD on towing any vehicles to the impound lot and do with them as you will. (example) After a completed tow you can sell that vehicle after 48 hours if not picked up by registered owner. 3 Positions Available

Car Dealer:PayRate-$150 an Hour starting It is your job to make sure the citizens of Los Santos have reliable transportation. Your main source of inventory will come from the mechanics.with earned cash from sales from inventory: 2 Positions Available

Real Estate:PayRate-$250 an Hour plus Earned Property Listings. thats right keep the money when your real estate sells. 2 Positions Available

Looking to be a active police officer within GTA DOT
PayRate:150 an Hour starting
Must be a active Citizen. Must fillout proper application on website. Must have required background in law enforcement. 16 or older

Looking to be active ems
PayRate:$150 an Hour starting
Fill out application people are dead everyday and they could use a hero in there life.

Looking to fight fire with passion
PayRate:$150 an hour starting
The Streets are filled with active ganges lighting peoples houses on fire destroying familey homes and there counting on you to wake up every morning with a roof over there head. dont let em down

Please Fill out an Application today and start your GTA V DOT RP experience.

Apply here at


I would like if u gave us alot more information so it really looks professional :wink: