GTA:O Styled Scoreboard / Playerlist




A GTA Online styled scoreboard/playerlist for FiveM.
I was bored, so I made this. Hate it, love it. I don’t care. :mascot:


No official license, HOWEVER, please only (re-)release actually modified versions of this, not just 1 variable name change and release it. Other than that, feel free to do whatever you want, as long as:

  • You credit me.
  • You link this github page when you share (a modified version) of this, might as well just fork it and PR it instead if you have some cool ideas.
  • You DON’T claim it to be yours.



  • Lists all players + their server ID’s.
  • You can set it to appear either on the left side, center, or right side of your screen. (Go to the __resource.lua file and change displayType 'left' to either 'left', 'center' or 'right'.)
  • The list is responsive, meaning it will scale with the player’s safezone scale settings & resolution.
  • Your own name will be highlighted in blue.


  1. Go to releases, download the latest version. Extract the files and put them into your resources folder.
  2. Add start gtaoscoreboard to your server.cfg file.
  3. (Optionally) go to /releases/gtaoscoreboard/__resource.lua and edit the displayType: (instructions are in there).
  4. (re)Start your server.
  5. Press Z or DPAD_DOWN in-game to load the first page. If there’s more than 16 players online, pressing the same button again will show the second page.
    Pressing it again will hide the scoreboard. If you don’t hide it yourself, then the scoreboard will automatically hide after a couple of seconds.


Of course the Players Online (1) will show the accurate online player count, and the players won’t all be called Player #, that’s just for this demo.

Download / Source

:page_with_curl: Source Code / :new: Latest GitHub release / :floppy_disk: Direct download (5.8 KB)



GTA:O Styled Playerlist with configurable data support for each player/row through events/exports

WOO! LOVE THIS! I needed one for my server


Beautiful! I will use this for sure.


Really nice looking player list. Thanks for sharing this.


It does not show the real id, i’m id 1 and he show id 2


Great work! I am just editing some things, I’m wondering where can I change the background box colour for the text? I can’t seem to find it.


Really? works fine for me… Line 151 (bgColor:) Line 155 (bgColor:) Line 161 (bgColor:)

Value is between 0-255.
It’s only the “amount of white” that you can choose. eg 0 being completely black, and 255 being completely white.


Okay cheers, and yeah @cTm It works for me also.


Yea now i have id 3, idk what ID read. :roll_eyes:


Every time you rejoin the server it should increment, unless of course the server has been restarted.
So it’s normal to have a new ID every time. If you’re online, type status in the console. It should show your server ID just before your name (I believe, not 100% sure though). Check to see if that number is the same as the one displayed in the list.


@Vespura how i display on center of the screen, not top center, center center, or bottom center, because i have a small logo and a display time on center top and i want to change, can u do that please, ty


Is there a way to change background box area to extend to suit the “Players Online” font size increase. Rather than me going through it all taking a long time to find it.


You’ll have to edit the code for that as there’s no option to easily configure that.

Same story, you’ll have to edit the code. I’ve commented on all the code, so you’ll have to look through it yourself. I did my job, now you can do yours if you want to change specific things :wink:


haha, well had to try the easy way, lol. Cheers anyway mate.


Oh my lawd, this is nice. Will be using this for sure. Thanks! :rofl:


Another great release :clap:

Also, Happy Birthday :balloon::tada::confetti_ball::birthday:


can i change the position?


great job i must say! thanks :smiley:


Yes, in the __resource.lua file there’s an option to change the position (left, center and right).


I want translate “Players Online” :frowning: