GTA:O Styled Scoreboard + API to add and edit columns!


What is this?

this is @Vespura’s Scoreboard, with a little twist to it!

What’s different?

You can add and edit columns! (see below for an example implementation.).


Right here!

How do i use the API?

it’s simple!

the API is composed of three exports:

  • AddColumn:
    Takes 2 arguments: one is a string, the COLUMN NAME and the second is a table, with all the values for each player, in the right order ( from player 1 to player x)

  • EditColumn:
    Takes 2 arguments: a string, the COLUMN NAME and a table, with all the values for each player, in the right order.

  • EditCell:
    Takes 3 arguments, three strings: the COLUMN NAME, the SERVER ID OF THE PLAYER(MUST BE A STRING) and the NEW VALUE!


i have made an implementation of this api, in the Drift Counter resource by @Blumlaut (thanks to @IllusiveTea for helping me with the tests btw! :heart: )
here are some snippets from it, so you can understand how the api works!


  • Adding the column on first spawn:
local FirstTime = true
AddEventHandler("playerSpawned", function()
	if FirstTime then
		print("first spawn!")
		local defaultscores = {}
		for i,player in pairs(GetPlayers()) do
		exports[GetCurrentResourceName()]:AddColumn("Drift Score", defaultscores)
		FirstTime = false
  • event to update the scoreboard!
AddEventHandler("UpdateScoreboard", function(id, data)
	exports[GetCurrentResourceName()]:EditCell("Drift Score", id, tostring(data))


  • syncing the scoreboards together!
AddEventHandler("SaveScore", function(client, data)
	UpdatePlayerInDB(client, data)





if you are having issues, please open a ticket on the github page!


@Vespura for the initial codebase! (
@GlitchyBoi for helping with some tests!
@IllusiveTea for helping me with A LOT of tests :joy:
@Blumlaut for the DriftCounter resource!

have a suggestion? leave it below! i’ll take it in consideration!


and next time, please just use the API we have instead of modifying the source code of my resource :stuck_out_tongue:


>not using NUI
>therefore not supporting edgy unicode nicknames


also the layouting is horrible


:confused: this is basically the same as @Vespura’s scoreboard, i didnt touch the “drawing on the screen” code.

i know, but i’m too noob at c# to fix it :joy: maybe in the future, when i have a bit more experience lmao


+1 Sexy Shit my dude




Would you guys like to have this as a NUI scoreboard and to have much better layouting?

  • Yes
  • No

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if yes wins then tomorrow ill start working on it, and hopefully i will release the update next saturday.


Reindented the example code


thanks a lot :smiley: