GTA:O Styled Playerlist with configurable data support for each player/row through events/exports


I replied by saying that I would provide an example script soon, but until then there is all the documentation required for anyone wanting to create their own script. As I don’t have time to do it atm.

That’s because I haven’t had the time to write a proper example script, I just had time to test the api to see if it works, and provide it for anyone wanting to experiment with it. Especially because I don’t know when I’ll have time to work on it, thought I’d release it while it works, instead of creating more documentation examples first and having to wait with the release.

I’m not saying you’re a “bad server owner” or something like that. Probably should’ve re-worded my previous message but I was kind of pissed off by it.


The efficiency is problematic. When I have 8 players, every time I load the Z, I will wait a few seconds, and can not load a little faster. The positive line is loaded out at once.




When I have 8 players, press Z, I need to wait for about 5 seconds to load the menu, how to make the menu load faster, thank you.


:pray: This just made my day. Thank you so much!


Not sure :confused: probably needs some work with the ped faces, as they get regenerated each time because of reloading issues or too many players.


Yes, I hope you can repair it as soon as possible. I really like this very much.


Would require a lot of work and logic to figure out when player peds change. Can’t do this anytime soon.


It can be simple, when the total number of players in the server changes or the function TriggerEvent (“fs:setPlayerRowConfig”, 1, “SNAIL”, 50, true) is triggered to regenerate the player’s head image, and the others use the previous generation.


No that’s not going to work, because if players change peds or change some clothing, it also needs to be updated.


Why does my label fail to display


What text are you trying to display?


Of course it’s the same as the label you sent


Not sure. It’s using gta stuff, must be a bug with scaleforms


I hope you can repair it. I can’t display labels. I can only display text. It’s ugly. Thank you.


I can’t repair builtin natives or scaleforms… and using the functions it works fine for me, someone else also had drawing problems, maybe you’re having a lot of other resources drawing things on-screen?


No, I just started this script


Is there a way to move the playerlist to the right?


Nope there is not, because different resolutions would fuck that up.


can u make the key press to open changeable?