GTA crashing after FiveM installed


This has actually nothing to do with starting or loading FiveM. I just wanted to ask if FiveM changes anything in my GTA… Because before i played FiveM i used to play LSPD:FR singleplayer without any problems.

When i downloaded FiveM and played it for 2 weeks i decided to go back to Single Player a little bit and then i started crashing, freezing and my sirens light is really light so i can barely see anything when my sirens are on.

I know this sounds weird and has probably nothing to do with FiveM and LSPD:FR but it wasn’t like this before FiveM, my game was never crashing then i installed FiveM. Problems started to appear, is there something in my main directory that should only be there when playing FiveM? That’s my point.

And also everything installed is up to date, LSPD:FR, all my mods and RPH


the support template would still help here, please fill it out.


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