Gta 5


Do i have to own gta 5 to play on five m servers, i really like roleplaying i am doing my first ever play and i want to do roleplay because i like those kinds of things just a qustian thanks for you input


Yes. You have to own a legit copy of GTA


dang thats sucks so like i cant do any of the rp things
i was really hoping i could ok thank you
and you guys should try to make like a download for it so you dont have to own it


That will never happen. You need to own the game to use it with FiveM.


Opening up FiveM to allow pirated clients will end up in FiveM getting sued and shutdown.
So no thanks, spend the 60 dollars on the game if you really want to play GTA 5.

(HINT: 31 dollars @ G2A or 26 dollars @ Kinguin)


Honestly, is this a serious question? Don’t be so ridiculous. I made an account just to reply to this. You want them to illegally give you a download for a paid game? These people are working hard to give us something Rockstar couldn’t and you want them to jeopardize that just because you can’t pay $60 for a game? Pathetic. Go sell some shit and buy the game if you really want it.

Piracy is fine to try games but if you like the game, you should always buy it.


Hi if I buy the game from a store would I still be able to use fivem or do I have to digitally download the game to use five m


Yes, if you purchase ANY legal copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 you can play FiveM. I have the store purchased CD copy and play FiveM with 0 issues.


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