GreenWood County Roleplay │Anyone Can Be Cop ! │Friendly Staff ! │ Brand New ! │ Active Community ! │ Looking For Members │


Welcome to Greenwood, We are a small Roleplaying group starting out so there are many spots to become Cop, Civ & Fire/EMS we currently have 22 amazing Members and are looking for more to come and roleplay with us. We currently have a discord server link: I hope to see your on our server.

Anyone can be cop !
Our discord has all the information including applications !
We are a serious roleplaying community !
We have lots of different custom cars !
When you join the discord there will be a list of rules which you can read !
Any questions just comment them down below!

Written By Shocky98 │ Co Owner of GreenWood County Roleplay.


Do you have a CAD/MDT and do you have Comms.(Communications)


We have Comms ATM but not Cad/MDT the server has been out 2 days and we have already had 26 players join our discord! Cad will be the next thing on the list!