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Our community is be based off 3 Ontario based police departments the Toronto Police, Durham Regional Police, and the OPP. Each force will have its own designated patrol area. The Toronto Police will patrol in the city of Los Santos, Durham Regional Police will patrol the entirety of Blaine County and finally the OPP will be patrol select highways across the region. Along with that, each force will have their own custom-made vehicles and uniforms.


Offical Clan Trailer:

Available Departments and sub divisions:

Toronto Police
Emergency Task Force
Police Dog Services
Public Safety Response Team
Marine Unit
Detective Services

Durham Regional Police
Traffic Services Branch
Air Support Unit
Marine Unit
Tactical Support Unit
Canine Unit

Ontario Provincial Police
Highway Saftey Division
Emergency Response Team
Canine Unit

Toronto Paramedics
Toronto Fire

Additonal Units
Civilian Operations
Recruitment Services


-Must be 15 or older
-Must speak English
-Must Be Mature
-Must be able to make patrols regularly
-Must have a mic


We are still activle recruiting!!


So you join us and waste our devs time making a fleet of vehicles for you, not to mention adding all of your channels and ranks to our teamspeak and cad system to just leave without reason and block us, your leadership is complete trash, and that’s probably why a chunk of your members applied with us, be honest next time and it might actually do you some good.