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I am glad to announce that Greater London RPC is officially open to the public.

We are a British Grand Theft Auto V Community based on the London Metropolitan Police Service. We are dedicated to creating professional and realistic environments for members both in-game and on our community TeamSpeak server. We officially opened to the public on 30/03/2018.

We strive to be one of the best and most realistic communities out there today. We will do this by choosing appropriate command team and by accepting members into the community we feel will help our community or the member we feel will be good for the community!

When you join you will be taken through training where you will learn new skills, which includes: Role-Play Skills, Communication Skills and Independent Skills! All of your training will help you progress to be a better roleplayer and eventually help you go up the “Chain of Command”.

We currently have the following divisions:

Emergency Response Team

SC&O15 (Roads Policing Unit)

SC&O19 (Specialist Firearms Command)

Central Communications Command

Civilian Resource Unit

Whichever division you are interested in joining, you will have the same professionalism and enjoyment, depending on what you like.

Why don’t you check out our promotional video:

Here is our Public Discord:

If you think this is the place for you, why don’t you apply today:

Greater London RPC - GTAV Police Roleplay PC