🢂🢂 Great Police RP Server🢀🢀 // Hiring ★COPS★FIRE★ EMS★ & ★DISPATCHER★



Hello, Welcome from LEO Police RP Server!

We are a gaming community who loves to have serious role-play and have fun while doing it. We have very friendly staff and players who enjoying RPing with each other. LEO Police Sever is always updating the server with many custom scripts and cars with our own in house dev! We welcome you to come join our great community!! Hiring Police officers, Fire/EMS personnel, and Dispatchers!!!

Feel free to join the discord and come talk to us!! We are happy to answer any questions you have!! : Join The Discord Here

Age Limit for Police: The age limit for cops is 16 years old, we can and will make certain exceptions.

These are our current roles:
🢂Blaine County Sheriff Department🢀

🢂Blaine County Fire Department / EMS🢀
🢂Emergency Services Unit (ESU)🢀
🢂Drug Unit🢀
🢂U.S. Marshal 🢀


  1. Do Not Cop Bait
  2. Do Not RDM
  3. Do Not Spawn Military Vehicles ( without permission)
  4. Do Not Spawn Armored Cars
  5. Do Not Spawn Helicopters
  6. Do Not Spawn Airplanes
  7. No Metagaming (Using names or map to find or identify a player)
  8. No Racism
  9. No Griefing
  10. No Hacking (Troll Menu)
  11. Owners, Admins & Moderators have final say.


I LOVEEEEE THIS SERVER! I am 15 and a civ worker and this server treats me like family. They treat me with respect and they manage their server with great staff. I follow the rules and get along with the other nice players. The scenarios are great and organized. I really want to see more new people join so we can enjoy this server together.


Glad you enjoy the server!


Thank you sir! Just want others to enjoy the server like i do


Great server! I have played for a while and love playing on it. The server is filled with great people and staff and have had alot of fun playing with these guys! Def recommend playing on the server!!