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Hello FiveM!

Are you sick and tired of all those communities being all the same? You join to find something different, and leave because you realize there isn’t? Well, Great Lakes Roleplay is here for you. We are a revolutionary FiveM community incorporating something that has never been seen before in FiveM. We are a dual-nation community! This means that we roleplay as two different countries. In Blaine County, you have the great country of Canada, and down in the Los Santos County you have the United States of America. The police services for Canada are the Niagara Regional Police Service, and the police services for the US is the Niagara Falls Police Department. All fire services throughout the region are administered through the Niagara Falls Fire Department. The same is true for communications and 911 operations. Civilians may choose to roleplay in either country and may cross the border to enter the other.

We also make use of a Board of Directors instead of an owner/directors team. This is to make sure that each department has an equal say in what happens in the department, as well as to ensure that we give each matter that comes before us the credence and consideration that it is due. Assisting the Board of Directors team is our wonderful staff team. Our staff team takes care of daily staffing needs, such as rule violations, and dispute resolution. The Board of Directors is made up of the heads of each department:

*** NRPS**
*** NFPD**
*** NFFD**
*** 911 Operations**
*** Civilians**
*** Development / Human Resources**

We recognize that an endeavor this large will require some changes from real life, and acknowledge that things won’t be 100% realistic to what actually happens in real life. We have compiled a complete legal code, which will be used by each police department, as well as introduced a mutual aid policy. The aid policy is simply that an LEO department may assist the other for a certain time until the proper department is able to effect control of a scene.

Each department has its own challenges and rewards, and it gives you all a great chance at expanding your RP knowledge, as well as having a very fun time roleplaying with us. Now, a little word from each of our departments.


The Niagara Regional Police Service is a Canadian law enforcement agency that serves the Niagara region. We provide many services to our community, including policing, and public awareness.

The NRPS offers many career paths from patrol officers to Emergency Task Unit, Special Enforcement Unit, Canine Unit, and Marine unit. We work closely with our US compatriots to protect, and maintain order in the Niagara region.

Supt. E. Rodriguez
Supt. S. Corrie

District Commander(s) - VACANT
Unit Commander(s) - VACANT

Sergeant(s) - VACANT

download%20(1) NFPD:

Niagara Falls Police Department is an American law enforcement agency serving the City of Niagara Falls. We work in partnership with the community to protect life and property, solve neighbourhood problems, and enhance the quality of life in the City of Niagara Falls while protecting the rights of all and applying the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and accountability.

Niagara Falls Police Department offers many job opportunities from patrol officers to the Emergency Response Team, to Crime Investigation Division. We work closely with both our Canadian counterparts as well as border services to maintain excellence and serve the public to the best of our abilities each and every night.

S/Supt. R. Tu
Supt. D. Harrington

Inspector - VACANT
S/Sgt(s) - VACANT

Sergeant(s) - N. Chetwynd.

download NFFD
The Niagara Falls Fire Department is a regional service that serves the people of the Niagara Falls Region in both Canada and the United States. We are a volunteer fire department with employees from all walks of life. We strive to provide the best possible care to our constituents by obtaining the most recent, advanced technology and best training possible. The NFFD responds with many other agencies in the region to emergency calls such as structure fires or medical emergencies. We provide aid to other police and fire departments in the area as requested while still being able to protect own residents.

The fire department consists of the full-time command staff, full-time officers and citizens whom live in the area and commit their time to their towns and cities. We have seven stations in service as well as many apparatuses strategically placed amongst these stations. The Niagara Falls Fire Department is dedicated to providing medical aid, fire suppression, fire prevention as well as rescue services to the people of the Niagara Falls Region and we do and continue to do. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the Fire Department feel free to contact our Public Relations Office.

Chief - G. Flew
Deputy Chief - VACANT
District Commander(s) - VACANT

Captain(s) - VACANT
Lieutenant(s) - VACANT


Civilian Operations:

Great Lakes Civilians is a civilian department based around all 5 great lakes between Canada and USA. We strive to provide the best and fun atmosphere to create awesome scenarios for the community.

Here at Great Lakes Civilians, we allow civilians to get creative on scenarios that have never been done before. We strive to improve everything we can on the go while continuing to provide actions to all other departments during patrols.

Civilian Director - N. Johnson
Civilian Deputy Director - VACANT

Civilian Advisor - R. Tu
Civilian Supervisor - T. Desilest

What we offer:

  • Custom EUP
  • ELS Cars
  • Pull Over AI
  • Custom CAD System
  • Integrated Fuel & Damage scripts.
  • Custom maps

And so much more!

Community Requirements:

  • Must be 14 years of age on the day of the application. (Exceptions can be made in rare cases.)
  • Must have a working (and understandable) microphone.
  • Must have FiveM.
  • Be willing to pass through the entire application process.
  • Be willing to learn and improve. (Must attend a training regardless of real-life positions, and experience.)
  • Speak conversational English.
  • Must be able to use Discord & Teamspeak3

On behalf of all the players here at Great Lakes Roleplay, we would like to thank you for your interest in our community, and we hope to see you in our interview discord soon!

Great Lakes Roleplay Board of Directors


Now Hiring! Come apply and be a member of a revolution!


Check out these awesome pics form last nights patrol!

Guess What? We’re Looking For New Members In All Departments Join Us!

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An off duty Niagara Falls Police Dept. officer was involved in a shootout last night luckily no officers were injured in the exchange of gunfire. *Video Soon To Come


The Niagara Regional Police Service is looking for officers of all levels to join our ranks! Apply Now

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Niagara Regional Police Service running sobriety checks on Route 13. No DUI’s yet!

All departments are still recruiting. Apply Now!


Some Pics From an Active Shooter Situation. Multiple Cruisers Damaged & 2 Officers Shot. 1 person is currently in custody facing numerous charges.

  • Supt. E. Rodriguez
    Media Relations


We Don’t Miss :wink:


Cat stuck in a tree? :thinking:hmm how about cop stuck on a roof​:rofl:


Such a sexy charger

It’d be tragic if something was to hap…


We’re still recruiting! If you want something different, join now!

  • Niagara Regional Police Service
  • Niagara Falls Police Department
  • Niagara Falls Fire Services
  • Niagara Regional Communications
  • Citizens of Niagara wEfjnVy


Hmm…i dont think that hat is standard issue😂

Come join the fun we are recruiting in all departments!


Check out These pics from our mountain rescue

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We’re still recruiting! If you want something different, join now!

Niagara Regional Police Service
Niagara Falls Police Department
Niagara Falls Fire Services
Niagara Regional Communications
Citizens of Niagara


Here are two of Niagara Regional Police’s newest Ghost vehicles 1 2018 charger warped in a grey ghost livery and a 2015 Tahoe waiting to get wrapped :slight_smile: