Graphics mods compatible with FiveM


So, like i sai in tne title i wanted to know which graphics mod works for FiveM. I know that Redux isn’t compatible and ENB & Reshade neither.


LOL Reshade works with FiveM ENB no longer works but Visual V, Redux, Make Visuals Great, Natural Vision pretty much all of them if you know how to install it follow the folder paths properly


I didnt find anything about install them. do you have any link ?


not sure i just quickly google this take a look at this video might help you, all you have to do is follow the folder structure and place the files in the rights spot


I just found that from you. it still works ? [Release] FiveMVisuals Updated 5.19.17


yes it still works the only thing that doesn’t work is the ENB , the reshade , textures and timecycles work


And do you know if redux is compatible ?


it is but the 4k textures cause a zlib error with FiveM so as long as you remove the ytf files i think there’s 2 that caused an error then it works but i included redux version in that download so have fun :wink:


BTW i cant find the shaders folder like in the example on your post. is that normal ?


you have to take the reshade-shaders folder and place it where fiveM is then you take the path of where you placed it and use that path


But where i put the rest of thefiles ? i have fiveM.exe on appdata :confused:


follow the folders :wink: go into FiveM appdata , citizen folder , then common , so on and platform folder


I was talking about the second folder called “these files go where FM.exe is”.


yea place all those files where the FIVEM.exe is like the dxgi.dll and reshade-shaders folder


Is it normal that the menu dont appear when i press scroll lock ?


it should appear its ctrl shift scroll lock i belive u can change the control in the INI file or delete the ini and it will default to shift f2 but if its not popping up you might have to unblock the dll file due to windows blocking it , right click go to properties on bottom it should have check marks one will say unblock check apply done if its not there then its unblocked already and u didn’t do it right


Hey you help me install redux for fivem?


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