GPU Errors on AMD+Intel configured laptops


Did anyone actually achieve getting past the errors? We are unable to disable integrated intel graphics on Windows 10 so that is out of the question.

So far I’ve tried Vista SP2 and Windows 8 compatibility workarounds but I was only able to run the client with Vista SP2 option but then there came the absence of Fivereborn’s UI along with graphical glitches like pixelated fog (example: )

The error we run into without the compatibility workaround:

Edit: I’ve tried reverting back to Windows 7 and trying the ‘‘fixed’’ mode (in which the computer uses either AMD or Intel graphics) and I can confirm that the issue still persists.


Yea I’ve had the exact same issues and I have tried every fix out there of which none worked, leaving me here clueless of what to do. Also it seems that a lot of people have these issues so a fix does need to be found urgently.


We’re looking into it… but it’s a complex issue caused by the damn cards.


@Boss Thanks I guess it’s good to know that at least you guys are working on it


I and several friends have the same problem. i tried a lot of things but still persist. keep us informed if you find a solution !


@Taran will do


I have the same problem. Have you solved it yet? If so, please help me.


I’m also having the same issue, and have tried a multitude of solutions. The only thing that works to launch the game is putting fivereborn.exe in compatibility mode (Windows Vista SP2)

I have an RX 480 8GB, and an i5-4570. Not sure if it’s somehow deciding to use the Intel HD Graphics. Any help would be appreciated. We just wanna play FiveReborn :c


@BearSenor said in GPU Errors on AMD+Intel configured laptops:

We just wanna play FiveReborn :c


@BearSenor Can you play online with Vista SP2 ???