Got banned for nothing?



hey,admin if you read this my name is kajusbarpsyss on the freedom roleplay 3.0 server and i got banned first for making fun out of cops but the second ban was unfair.we were robbing the bank and my friends said that they have bin cuffed i killed a cop in a bank before and i tried to escape there was a cop standing outside the bank and he said stop and stuff i tried to shoot him but i got killed and banned for failrp rdm vdm? like what ???


@kajusbarpsyss - Go to and fill up a ban appeal. Posting here won’t help


Moved, this has nothing what so ever to do with Technical Support


Please, DO NOT Post this in Technical Support. This website, in its entirety, is for the Development of FiveM. If you have an issue, please go to the community/clan itself and talk to them. There’s nothing we can do to help you.




Nothing to to with FiveM. Post on the server’s website/discord/email whatever.