Got addon car to work, now how to enable the tuning and mods for the car?


So I have gotten the car addon to work perfect, spawned nicely, but in Marxys Tutorial thread someone asked how to get it to be able to be tuned and add car modifications i.e hoods, fenders, etc its the same process but just another meta file, and I would need to stream the parts, but I am not seeing a meta file for anything like this, is it possible to enable the mod parts so we can customize it?


by editing the .meta files (assign modkit ID in carvariations, then make the modkit lines in carcols)
tutorial on install cars addons here:


Thank you so much for the reply, I have gotten the car to work fine and don’t mind watching the video, but does this video just show an overview of how to add the car or does it specifically show how to get the cars switchable parts i.e hood, sideskirts, spoiler, to work? I looked at the carcols and carvariations meta file, it looks like chinese to me, Seems like a pretty intense process to get these things to work?


I’ve done everything from that video that he did, I am still not seeing the tunable parts popping up :frowning:


try to switch the ids in carcols for the modkit to above 1000


+1 be careful with ID numbers.
the video shows how to add carcols lines into the addons pack. if you don’t have a calcols lines already on your addons vehicles, use one from an existing vehicle (in case you convert a replace mod to a addon)
If not, you have to create this carcol lines. You maybe can find some tutorials for it on a regular GTA 5 modding forum.


The Addon Pack has carcols and carvariations, tried several different #s, I can’t even change the basic things like engine power and suspension :frowning:


set modkit to 0_default_modkit if you want only basic modifications.
set modkit to modkit ID_vehicle name_modkit
example: 1008_s15drift_modkit
then create lines in carcols with the ID you use. You have to use 1008 and over to avoid duplicate modkit.
Any mistake in the lines could crash your game or lock vehicles modifications kits. be carefull.


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